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Amy Gernaat is a Women's Wellness Expert


Amy Gernaat is a Vitality Coach and Mentor for women and master in the art of integrating health for greater life wealth and is an expert in introducing women to their innate resilience in private & corporate settings.

Founder of Amy G Vitality and The Well Nourished Woman Work, Amy began her path to wellness work through her own health journey after experiencing years of chronic health issues and burnout before learning how to heal herself. After her own observation and experimentation she realized she’d been living a half-life based on a pre-determined script and flipped her script to devote her energy to supporting women to reclaim their health and vitality. 


Amy conducts her business based in deeply rooted values for nourishment and self trust. She guides women in learning how to come home to their bodies and care for themselves in unique ways to create deeply nourished lives. Through her services, women heal themselves and turn towards the path of building a deeply nourished life to become the best versions of themselves.


I got permission to be Me

“I have been so stuck y'all. Depressed, anxious, grieving for something I couldn't even name. I asked Amy for help. I am not sure what she expected.. I am not even sure what I expected but I know what I got. She took the time to listen to me ramble through all that was going on with me (ADHD first world) in a very non specific not really informative way (I thought) but she LISTENED and she somehow started down an unexpected path.  Amy pointed out a solution so simple for ME and she validated ME and gave me permission to be who I am. She helped me unstuck a part of my business that has been sitting in my office untouched (completely necessary for my growth) for 3 months. I CANNOT tell you how well spent that time was. Worth every penny and every minute spent. The best gift I have given myself in a VERY long time."

Deena, Business Owner

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