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Well Nourished Woman

Your adrenals, your hormones, your digestion, your nervous system, your brain, your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships are all part of your foundation.  When we are burned out or living with chronic health conditions, we are not fully nourished in 1 or many of these areas.  We try to compensate with self care, but the recovery is fleeting and we are often left feeling depleted and hopeless.

The Art of Self Tending is for you.l

This Transformational work is custom designed to nourish you in the areas that you are depleted and desire to feel fully energized, healthy, and alive.

Calm and EASE

You are craving

A NEW experience

Of your body & LIFE

You are a leader in your life, community, and business. 

It's time to lead your wellbeing as a woman.  Full Ownership.

I have something to share with you. An offer I love for women entering (and in the thick of!) the transition of their bodies and who they are as woman. 


Women who are constantly in “do” mode and don’t know how to sit still.  How to be in stillness (even for a moment) or give themselves permission to rest without guilt. 


 Your unique and brilliant woman’s body craving a different way of working, living, and loving.


 Feeling exhausted, burnt out and on overdrive .


 Feeling unfocused and frustrated. 


 Lacking energy & vitality & radiance and that juicy aliveness.


 Running on autopilot instead of fully enjoying and engaging in their lives.


 Realizing this is a new chapter in their life as a woman and rather than fearing it they’re ready to navigate it gracefully and with confidence.


 Finally nourishing & reconnecting with their bodies natural wisdom so they can recover their wellbeing, radiance and create the life they are longing for. 


Welcome to Well Nourished Woman where each woman is given the space to EXPLORE her body, TRANSFORM herself, and EVOLVE her radiant spark.

To be well Nourished is to have your needs met in all areas of your life.  When we do not we are malnourished which leaves us feeling depleted, dry, stretched, and overloaded.

We may compensate by over nourishing in other areas like over-eating, over- working, over-doing, and over-committing to fill the void we feel from being undernourished.

For the next several monhts we will support your body to feel more relaxed, less inflamed, and begin to improve your energy and focus.

We will dive deeply into the areas of your life that show the greatest levels of depletion and begin a "re-feeding" process through your relationship with food, your bodies needs for movement and sleep, and begin moving into your beliefs around how well you can truly feel and find the blocks standing in the way of you fully healing and restoring your health.


In this 4 month program we will focus on the following…




The first 4-6 weeks we focus on you connecting with the signals and sensations of your body.  


We will begin with my signature Nourished Vitality Assessment to determine the top 1-2 areas of your body and life asking for us to explore further.  


During this time we will track the areas of focus through a signature tracking system we will design, unique to you, with updates to create a bigger picture of why you are experiencing a change in your health and vitality.


Foundation Building


Now that we have a very clear picture on why your health and vitality has changed, we can begin to explore the underlying factors and implement Self Tending that supports the outcomes you desire for your unique body and phase of life you are in now.  


We do this through weekly assignments in your area of  focus which will include:


Changes in daily habits and decisions, learning your personal design to listen to your bodies individual needs, and making adjustments in real time so that you begin taking care of yourself daily instead of just on the weekend.


This is the beginning of the mastery of Self Tending not the self care survival you’ve been sold.




During this phase you are continuing the work of step two to create sustainable, full of life, settled into the body changes instead of quick fixes.  


I’ll show you how to purge the habits, thoughts, beliefs, and changes that no longer serve you and open up a whole new world of what it means to be woman, how to engage in your life as woman, and fully connect with your woman body as she changes and becomes new.


This is how we create a life and body filled with vitality and radiance.


This offer includes:


• 1 session per week for four months 


• Voxer access to me in between sessions 


• May include meditations, action items, worksheets and journal prompts, unique and personalized transformation work.


The women who get the best results from my program are…


• Self motivated 


• Have a burning desire as to WHY they want to do the work 


• Desire to feel at home in their bodies and stop the internal war.


• Open to new ideas and willing to take instruction and constructive feedback and run with it. 


Welcome to Well Nourished Woman 

Well Nourished Woman Exploration & Transformation Programs
Woman in Red Dress

Nourished OVA

My powerful Optimal Vitality Assessment is designed to provide clarity on the top 1-2 areas of your woman's wellness that are asking for your attention.  Going through the assessment will provide us the blueprint for how you are uniquely designed to tende to yourself for optimal wellness on your terms and by your definition.



90 min session

30 days messaging support

20 min follow up

90 day blueprint plan

Voice Clip steps to implement

Mature Woman

Nourished Immersion

Nourished Immersion is your deep dive to create your signature self tending blueprint to support where you currently are in your life and the vision you are creating. 

This will provide you with the understanding of how to support yourself through the changing cycles of your body and life so that you can continue creating and building WITHOUT losing momentum or crashing & burning.  


$5k full or monthly payments

4 months

Weekly Sessions

Message support between calls

Book a 15 minute chat for questions and details

Prefer a Group Program?  Click here for details on Curated
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