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Certified Vitality Coaches

Certified Vitality Coaches have completed the Vitality Coaching Academy Coursework and Clinical and are authorized to work within the scope of a Vitality Coach.  Our coaches have multiple backgrounds including leadership development, yoga and body work, and business coaching and development.  The addition of Vitality Coaching to their credentials allows for a deep and well-rounded scope of practice to provide transformation of life and health.  Our coaches offer a range of experience and expertise unparalleled in the industry of health and well-being.  

Meet Our Coaches
Our coaches listing below includes bio and booking information for ease of contact.


Audrey Douglas


Audrey has experience as a Sales Director and leading teams to success for a Fortune 500 Company.  In addition to Vitality Coaching, she is also a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. She has 15 years of sales and leadership experience and is passionate about aiding others in their personal and professional growth. She understands the discipline, accountability, and leadership skills needed to move teams and individuals in the desired direction to reach goals.  Audrey knows firsthand that empowering teams, setting clear goals, and building confidence can help an organization thrive. She recognizes the power of coaching for Vitality to help executives, leaders, and individuals thrive in business and their personal life.

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