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The Art of Self Tending

Ditching Survival Self Care Sunday to build a life of self tending that feels so damn good to be you that you finally give yourself permission to trust your body...Cue Exhale...

The Mastermind

Your body is magnificent.  She has an entire world of knowledge, guidance, and wisdom within her waiting at the ready for you to make yourself at home within her.  It's a challenge, being at home in her.  We've been taught to loathe her, change her at all costs, nip and tuck her, avoid her, force her to live up to expectations.  It's time to walk away from what we've been taught is normal and choose the path of what is natural...and a hell yes.


A Deeply Curated, Nourished, Delicious life is her greatest desire...and yours.

Curated is for the Woman who is ready to be all in on HER and powerfully commit to designing the next phase of her life fully supported by her body.

The woman who KNOWS there is deeper level of self trust to feel, a more precise way to show up for herself, and more grace available to build it all.

You WANT to have the transformation and you are IN to do the work and experience your body in a whole new way...

but you've done all the things for your body and you still feel like something is just out of your reach and beyond your sight.

You know there is something more you are meant to experience and you are done with the same boring health story about macros, cold plunges, and HIIT training.

You have a Unique Life Story that is not made for cookie cutter living.

Your Body has her own Blueprint and we're giong to architect it.

I'm Amy Gernaat.  I'm your mentor and guide to ditching the rules of health and creating a life that you and your body get to thrive in without all the shoulds you read online.
I have built massive self trust by turning down the voices of health and turning up my own body wisdom.


In 2015 as I was finishing my health training I got so sick I was disabled for almost 9 months. 
I was doing "all the right things" 
whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet dialed in
cooking most all meals at home
yoga practice on point
meditation daily
non-toxic chemical living
good friends
So wth happened?

I thought I must not have the diet right or the supplements or maybe my immune system is down or or or...


I was living a life of yes to everyone else and I had no clue what my own was.

But my body knew.  And she gave me one hell of a wake up call...


So  how did I go from doing           the things to try to fix myself

to powerful confidence and  self trust  in my bodies capacity to heal

...and then let her?


I cleared the slate and started getting really curious about myself.
I stopped listening to everyone who had an answer for me and started asking some very different questions.

What did I already know that I couldn't hea
r (and didn't trust)?
How did I want to play with food?
How did I want to play with movement?
How do I want to play with rest?
What really gives me energy and what zapps it?
Do I know what I want...

And these are the tip of the goes much deeper once you start getting your foundations nailed down so you can actually figure out what you want.

This transformed my life from top to bottom and everywhere in between without needing to be perfect or perform health...

Left a stressful marriage and now have a wonderful strong, supportive honey

Stopped eating for nutrients and started eating for wellbeing
Stopped over-working out and started understanding real strength

Left environments and relationships where I was overgiving and built new standards for community

Have a powerful and supportive group of close women in my life

Stopped seeing symptoms as a problem to be fixed and started owning the changes they were requesting.

Stopped judging and shaming my body as bad and wrong and started to celebrate her genius.

Have absolute trust my body knows what she is doing and will always show me exactly what she needs if I'm willing to listen and take action.
AND am not tied to rigid rules not designed for me and instead created a discipline of self tending that set me free


Today I have clients who have chosen owership & radical responsibility...

1. Couldn't get off the couch now building a thriving business

2. Ditched restrictive dieting and now create masterpieces in the kitchen (and eats them!)

3. For the first time ever feels completely home in her body & owning her talents

4. Understands her true Yes and No and no longer burns out from impulsive thinking

5.  Ditched anxiety of busyness perfection and can actually rest freely and easily

The Mastermind...

A 6 month group mastermind for you if you are ready to stop fixing and start living because you WANT more juicy delicious radiant vibes feeling at home in your womans body...

This Mastermind is For YOU if...





You are open to changing what you believe about health and exploring what your body really has to say.

You know that as powerful as masterminds are the real work is done in between our sessions supported by potent af women.

You take full ownership for your transformation and are ready to create a thriving radiant and hot damn life.

You are ready to build a relationship with your body that is not only intimate and juicy but potent and life changing.

Self Tending is intential creation of what is a YES FOR YOU
not what you've been told is right.

How it looks...

First group call 2-29-24

Once registered your 90 min 1:1 call will be booked

  • 90 minute 1:1 assessment to build your signature blueprint you will use during the mastermind

  • 2 Hot Seat Group Calls per month designed to support and activate your next steps or deepen you into your current ones

  • Weekly Check-In Chats on private channel

  • All Calls Recorded

  • Private Group with the other mind-blowing women doing the work.

  • 1:1 Upgrade Option available monthly

  • Access to the radiance vault - trainings on the 6 main pillars for self-tending that will blow the lid off what you think self-tending is and radically transform your body wisdom relationship.

Seriously if you've made it this far you're being called to Deeper SELF TENDING.


You're tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you've got it together in some areas but others (like your health) CONFOUND you.


You desire to DEFINE your life and how you live in your body on your terms instead of being defined by your symptoms or diagnosis.


You desire an INTIMATE relationship with your body instead of feeling frustrated by her.

You are done with BURNING out and wanting to burn it all down.  You know there's a bigger VISION for you to step into and your body must be on board.

You have tried so many different PATHS, diets, pills, protocols, and potions and although you initially feel better, the BODY starts speaking again within a few months.

You're ready  to feel at HOME in your woman, show up, and do the work.  


Pay In Full (PIF) Includes:

3 bonus 60 minute 1:1 calls

Initial 90 minute 1:1 assessment

2 group hot seat calls per month

Weekly Check in Chat

Private group

Radiance Vault


Payment Plan Includes:

Initial 90 minute 1:1 assessment

2 group hot seat calls per month

Weekly Check in Chat

Private group

Radiance Vault


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