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The Nourished Path

Monthly In Person Event

The Nourished Path is my monthly live event bringing women together to have deeper conversations around women's Nourishment and how it is the foundation for a women to be vital and vibrant.  We dig into topics from adrenal issues to pelvic floor health to mental health concerns and more all built on the foundation of the bodies brilliant ability to heal itself and how we can support it to do so.  I invite amazing local women leaders and practitioners to provide a wealth of knowledge and support to this growing community.  Join us the first Wednesday of each month at Java Owl Coffee House from 6-7.30pm.  6-6.30 order drinks and settle in.  Talk begins at 6.30.  Registration and upcoming events below.  This is a private after-hours event.

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We're heading into the busy season. School starting and holidays around the corner, final quarter of business approaching and the pace from here out tends to be a frantic race to the finish line before we start all over again in January. Why do we have new years resolutions? Because that frantic pace leaves you worn out and burnt out and looking for a fresh start. Tired of the race train? Let's change it. You don't have to keep repeating the patterns of exhaustion. You need to slow down to speed up. Intrigued? Good get yourself to Nourished Path this month and get off the frantic freight train and into freedom.

Registration $15
Java Owl Coffee House Private after hours event
6-6.30 arrive, order, ask questions, breathe
6.30-7.30 conversation

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