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It's Time

To Evolve Beyond the

Cycles of Burnout & Into

The Well Nourished Woman



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You feel trapped...

Today's women are busier and more overwhelmed than ever.  They are barely keeping their heads above water with family care, expanding careers, and doing their best to find a moment to breathe.

We're exhausted, burned out, on overdrive, holding onto life like a vice grip to keep the wheels turning and because we've been taught to be the strong ones, we are pushing past our bodies ability to stay healthy to keep everything afloat.

You've done every diet, meditation, movement challenge, cleanse, and detox known to man with short term benefits only to land back in the same patterns.  And you are ready to get off that ride.  It's time to not only recover your health, but to create the life you are longing for in the process.  

By supporting your hormones, adrenals, energy, cells, mind, body, and more.

...Welcome to Well Nourished Woman

I built Amy G Vitality after years of working in holistic nutrition.  What I found was food was just the tip of the iceberg.  What was really underneath the digestive issues, food fears, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and diagnosis were women who were burned out and disconnected from themselves, the desires of their hearts, and how their bodies are designed to work. 


I am a Vitality Coach and Mentor and master in the art of integrating health in body, mind, and spirit. I began my path to wellness work through my own health journey after experiencing years of chronic health issues and burnout before learning how to heal myself. After my own observation and experimentation I realized she’d been living a half-life based on a pre-determined script and flipped my script to devote my energy to supporting women to reclaim their health and vitality for the Whole Woman. 


I conduct my business based in deeply rooted values for nourishment and self trust and guide women in learning how to come home to their bodies and care for themselves in unique ways to create deeply nourished lives. Through my services, women heal themselves and turn towards the path of building a deeply nourished life to become the best versions of themselves.

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